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Think lemonade stands, unique hand-painted canvases and slime! Crayons, Crafts and Kool Kids is MIB's signature program, providing kidpreneurs an outlet to sale their handmade  products. 

Vending Gigs

Helping Others

MIB members passing out toiletries for our homeless community

Helping others makes us feel good. And since we like to feel good and make others feel good, we help others as much as we can. 

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MIB partners with local businesses and organizations to offer members hands-on learning opportunities. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities. 


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Why Your Kid Should be in MIB!

Children are our most valuable resource. - Albert Einstein. 

The goal of Minor in Business is to invest in children, our most valuable resource, in as many creative ways as possible. Vending opportunities place them in the everyday world and allow them the chance to put their own creativity on the table. They learn the ins and outs of business, customer service, money management and responsibility. Our job shadowing partnerships give them the chance to find out if the job they want to be when they grow up, is really where they want to be. 

Too many of our youth have to deal with bullying, low self-esteem, getting caught up with the wrong crowd or not having anyone in their circle to believe in them. 

Membership with MIB gives them a much needed outlet to counteract those issues. They will be meet other youth and become part of a loving, positive group that encourages them to be their best person. MIB focuses on community service and looks for activities that allow members to selflessly help others.

Membership is $35 for the year per vendor/business. Membership includes: unlimited participation in our summer vending series, workshops, marketing and promotions of their business, and exclusive MIB member events. 

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